Documentary Film Proposal for Harpo Films:

COVERING-UP THE CURSE OF CAIN: How the Mormon Church is Trying to Erase It's Racist Past

TO: Oprah Windfrey
Harpo Productions
110 N. Carpenter Street
Chicago, IL 60607-2146

Dear Oprah,

I don't know if Harpo Films wants to do any hard-hitting documentaries, but I thought I'd try. Documentary film-maker Allan Holzman and me want to do a documentary on how the Mormon Church is trying to cover-up its racist past called "Covering-Up the Curse of Cain". If you're not interested in a documentary, then I'd like to write an article for O Magazine with the same title. I will emphasize in the article that 98% of Mormons are NOT racist in any way and that there are many black Mormons today! But, the Church leaders are lying and denying the Church's racist past. That's not right!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ("Mormon Church") is involved in a major cover-up regarding its past teachings concerning black people. I am a former Mormon missionary and author of "Black Mormons and the Priesthood-Ban" (2005). I am white.

Since at least 1996, the Mormon Church has been denying it ever taught "the Curse of Cain Doctrine"; that blacks are the cursed children of Cain. Pure deception form the highest offices of the Church in Salt Lake City. Nobody knows this subject better than I do. There are 30,000 Mormon missionaries in the U.S. and they are baptizing thousands of African-Americans and tens of thousands of black Africans into the Church ever year. That is fine! People have a right to choose their own religion. However, that the Church is now denying it ever taught that blacks were "cursed" and "inferior" and "the children of Cain" is major deception that I think should be exposed. Instead of apologizing for the Curse of Cain Doctrine, the Church is now saying: "We never taught it!" But, they did, as official Church doctrine, for 130 years. I think the African-American Community has a right to know, and a right to a public apology instead of lies and denials.

What the Mormon Church is doing would be similar (in a lesser way) to if Germany said, "Hey, we never killed any Jews!" But nobody would believe Germany if they said this. However, most people believe the Mormons when they now say, "Hey, we never taught that black people were cursed in any way!" They are lying, and this Big Lie needs to be exposed.

Allan Holzman has done many documentaries, and I'm confident such a documentary could be sold to HBO, and hopefully would be aired on OWN.

The Mormon leaders either need to issue a public apology, or at least stop their campaign of lies and misinformation and cover-up. If Jet doesn't want to do it, then the African-American Community will continue to be deceived on this issue. Mormon missionaires tell them every day of every week: "We never taught that!" But, they did...for 130 years! Thank you.

Darrick Evenson
11417 N.E. Sandy #8
Portland, OR 97220
cell: 253-359-4262

For further information on the Mormon Church and the Curse of Cain Legacy please read online: <head>