Myth: Krishna Was A Black-Skinned Dravidian

The Truth: Krisna was an Aryan of the Yadus clan who had a genetic condition which turned His skin blue.


Ancient India included four main peoples:

Aryans-white skinned who spoke Sanskrit.

Dravidians--black skinned who spoke one of various Dravidian based languages.

Tamils--black skinned who spoke Tamil-related languages.

Vedoid--a light-brown skinned people who spoke their own unique language.

A pure-Aryan girl (left) and a pure-Dravidian girl (right)

The Aryans are closely related to the Persians and Medes, and the Saka and Sakai, etc. All white-skinned peoples. The ancient Aryan language of India, Sanskrit, is closely related to Avestan and other ancient languages of Persia and Europe such as Latin, Greek, Armenian, German, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Spanish, Dutch, and English. These are called the Indo-European languages; because they are a combination of ancient Proto-European languages (such as Hungarian, Finnish, or Basque) and various Aryan dialects brought by the migrations of Aryan tribes throughout Europe many thousands of years ago.

Most scholars believe that the Aryans started migration/invasion of India about 5,000 years ago, although some others believe that Aryans are indigenous to northern and western Greater India.

Western Baha'is are almost always people who come from Liberal Christian or New Age backgrounds, and tend to be very "Liberal" in their thinking. One popular Western "Baha'i Myth" is that Krishna, whom Baha'is see as a "Manifestation of God", was a black-skinned Dravidian; based upon the following:

*In Sanskrit Krishna means "Black" so He must have been a black-skinned Dravidian. In paintings and statues He is depicted as dark-blue; which really means "black-skinned".
This is pure myth. Krishna was an Aryan, of the Aryan clan of Yadus:
"In the Mahabharat Krishna traces his lineage through the Vedic line of Yadus, a famous Aryan people of the north and west of India." (The Aryan-Dravidian Controversy, p.1 online)
In the Mahabharat, and ancient Sankrit (Aryan) epic, Krishna says to His disciple Arjuna:
"As my color is dark-blue, I am called Krishna, O Arjuna." (Mahabharata, Santi Parva 342)

Krishna showing Arjuna His Universal Form

Baha'is often quote from the Mahabharata; specifically from the Bhagavad Gita; which forms only a very small part of the epic.

The Aryans never referred to the black-skinned Dravidians (the aboriginals of southern and eastern India) as "blue-skinned"; nor were they ever presented as blue-skinned in painting. The Aryans usually referred to the Dravidians as "no-noses" because the Dravidians tended to have flat broad noses while the Aryans usually had long prominent noses.

The word Krishna means "Dark". It refers to the dark blue skin of Krishna.

Did Krishna really exist?
Did He really have dark-BLUE skin?

Baha'is must believe that Krishna really existed, but most believe that He did not have dark-blue skin. Why? Because there is no human race that has blue skin.

This is true. However, Krishna identifies His lineage as Aryan, of the Aryan clan of Yadus, in the Mahabharata! This ENDS the controversy, or it should! However, some more Liberal Baha'is, seeking a "way" to find a black Manifestation of God, will say:

"Oh, well, the Mahabharata is just myth anyway, so we can't trust what it says!"
If this is true, then how can we "trust" that Krishna had "black" skin as some "PC" Baha'is claim?

The FACT is, is that the ancient Aryans believed that Krishna was an ARYAN, and that He had blue skin.

It is also a FACT that a very small number of Caucasians have blue skin. This is a genetic condition called Methemoglobinemia. It is caused by a deficiency of NADH diaphorase" (Curing the Kentucky Blues, p.1). It is an extremely rare condition. The only known cases in the U.S. occurred in the family of Martin Fugate in the mid-18th century. Martine Fugate married his cousin, Elizebeth, who had blue skin:

Four of their eight children also had blue skin (i.e. Methemoglobinemia). A number of their descendants also had blue skin, but it was cursed by giving them doses of Vitamin C ("The Blue People of Troublesome Creek" Science, Nov. 1982).

Among the Tureg people, a Caucasoid nomadic people of North Africa, Methemoglobinemia is quite common:

Does Methemoglobinemia occur among other races. Yes! However, it is almost always undiagnosed; since, for example, a black African or a black Dravidian will not have blue skin even if they have Methemoglobinemia; since the disease does not effect melanin (skin pigment). Black-skinned people who have this disease usually have blue or purple lips and nipples, but they remain black-skinned. The same is true for red-skinned Amerinds. Their skin color does not change; except for lips/nipples/genitals. The disease does not affect melanin content in the skin. The reason some people are black-skinned is because they have a lot of melanin in the skin. White people have very little melanin, and this is why the skin of Caucasians with Methemoglobinemia turns blue; because there is very little melanin to "hide" it.

Most people in India today are brown-skinned; the result of thousands of years of intermingling of white-skinned Aryans and black-skinned Dravidians. Pure Dravidians in the South and East of India are black-skinned. There are pure-blood Aryans still in India and Pakistan, like the Sind people, and they are light-skinned just as their Aryan cousins in northern Iran, or Europe.

Krisha DID exist, and He was an Aryan, of the Aryan Yadus clan, and He probably HAD Methemoglobinemia. The "myth" that Krishna was a black-skinned Dravidian is simply "politically-correct" wishful thinking, and is based upon false assumptions.

Was Buddha An Asian?

Another "myth" is that Buddha was Asian (based upon statues of Buddha in Asian countries). Sidhartha Gautauma was an Aryan, of the Sakya Clan. He was called "Sakyamuni" ("Sage of the Sakya"). The Sakya are closely related to the Sakai of Europe; who later were known in Germany as the Saxons and later intermingled with the Anglos; becoming the Anglo-Saxons.

Buddha was a full-blooded white-skinned Aryan! This is well-attested, and cannot be reasonably disputed. He was NOT "Nepalese". He was not Asian. He was an Aryan who belonged to the Khriya (Warrior-Ruler) Caste; a caste forbidden to intermarry with others outside their caste. For them to marry non-Aryans would be against their Holy Law! Krishna defends the Holy Law (Dharma) which includes the caste-system in the Bhagavad Gita. This is a SHOCK to most Western Baha'is; who believe the caste-system to be a form of racism.


All of the Manifestations of God in the Adamic Cycle belonged to the same Adamic Race:

*Adam (from the Hebrew AW-DAWM--"to blush red"). Only one race can blush (show blood in the face).

*Noah (his ship landed on the Mountains of Urartu--he was of the Caucasian race).

*Abraham (a Khaldean). Khaldea is now in southern Turkey (the valley of Shinar), but was anciently part of Syria. His original name (Abram) is Syrian, a white-skinned people. He married his niece Sarai (later changed to Sarah); a Syrian (Aramaic) name meaning "My little princess".

*Zoroaster. A priest of the Spitaman clan of Aryans living in Bactria. Pure Aryan.

*Krishna--of the Aryan Yadus clan. Had blue-skin because of a genetic disorder.

*Buddha--an Aryan of the Kshatriya (Knight-Ruler) caste. Forbidden to marry outside the caste--much less non-Aryans.

*Moses--an Israelite. The name "Israel" comes from the name of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham. Was of the same race as Abraham. He was NOT a black-skinned Nubian or a dark-skinned Egyptian as some believe. He was of pure Israelite stock. Pharoah's daughter was His adopted mother. Both His mother and father were pure Israelites of the Tribe of Levi. He was an Israelite. The twin-brother of Jacob (Israel) was Esau who had red hair and a hairy body. Only Caucasians have red-hair and hairy bodies (1 in 50 do--this does not occur in other races). The ancient mummies found in far-western China were Caucasian people closely related to the Aryans. One of the mummies had red-hair:

Ancient Caucasian mummy with reddish-blonde hair found in Western China (left) Scottish girl (right).

The ancient Israelites were named after Jacob (Israel) whose twin brother Esau was "red" and "hairy like a garment" (according to the Book of Genesis chapter 25, verses 25 and 26--which Baha'u'llah said was written by the hand of Moses).

Esau, the twin-brother of Israel (Jacob) had red hair and a hairy body--two traits only Caucasians or people with Caucasian blood have

Red hair occurs ONLY in the WHITE RACE or in African-Americans who have Caucasian blood in them (such as Red Foxx and Malcomb X). A few black African tribes sometimes paint their hair (and sometimes their skin) red (as the Masa'i) but this is just paint! All native Africans have black hair; except for Albinos who have white hair. NO native Africans or Dravidians are born with red hair. Only Caucasians have naturally red hair. Interracial people sometimes have red-hair, but this is because of their Caucasian genes. The Israelites were Caucasians.

*Jesus--a Jew, a descendant of Judah, one of the 12 sons of Jacob (Israel).

*Muhammad--a descendant of Ishmael, who was the son of Abraham and Hagar, a Semitic Egyptian woman (most scholars believe Hagar was one of the Hyksos, or Semitic Egyptians who controlled the Nile Delta at the time of Abraham). Muhammad is described as having dark hair and eyes, but very light skin.

*The Báb--a descendant of Muhammad.

*Baha'u'llah--a descendant of Zoroaster, King Cyrus, and of King David (via Princess Dar'a, wife of Bostanai, the Jewish Exilarch in Iraq).

ALL of the Manifestation of God in the Adamic Cycle have been WHITE MEN! Like it or not. Perhaps it is time for the Baha'is of the West to GROW UP and stop trying to "squeeze" the Faith into the "PC" mold! Undoubtedly there were pre-Adamic Manifestations of God in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, but in the Adamic Cycle all the Manifestations of God have been White Men; whether we "like that" or not. There have been many Seers (Arabic: Muhadathoon) of various races, both male and female, in the Adamic Cycle, but ALL of the Manifestations of God in this cycle have been White Men.


Because it was the Adamic Cycle, and there is only one Adamic Race; which subdued the world and brought civilization to it. In this Cycle, all the Manifestations of God and Prophets (but not all the Seers) would be descendants of Adam.

But are we not all descendants of Adam?

I would say most of us are; thanks to the fact that the Adamic Race has subdued and brought civization to this planet. Yet, I believe (IMO) that there are isolated tribes in Africa, Indonesia, etc., that have no Adamic blood in them.

Krishna was an Aryan. He was NOT a black-skinned Dravidian! Period! End of story.

Baha'u'llah expects a "new race of men" to arise. What color shall they be? Most Baha'is believe that the "new race of men" is simply a "metaphor" for Baha'is of all races; people who simply "work" for Race Unity and World Peace as Baha'is. However, there is an Anishnabe prophecy that says there are four races: white, red, yellow, and black (brown-skinned peoples are combinations of races). The prophecy goes that after a great calamity a new race of blue skinned people shall appear, and they will be highly spiritual, and bring final and lasting peace to the earth.

The Baha'i Faith is TRUE! But whenever we seek to "tweek" it by introducing politically-correct "myths" then we are doing what ignorant people did in the histories all the other World Religions; which eventually distorted these Revelations and defaced them. Let us not do the same with this Great and Noble Revelation. Let us not "deface" it in the name of "Political-Correctness". Let us rather "deface" Political-Correctness, in the Name of this Great Revelation!

Darrick Evenson

My name is Darrick Evenson. I am a Believer who is not currently enrolled. I am NOT a Covenant-Breaker, but simply unenrolled. I am not a member of any religious organization. Although I am not currently enrolled, I fully support the AO under the Universal House of Justice located at the Baha'i World Centre in Haifa, Israel. This article is NOT copyrighted. Please make copies for others. If you have comments about this article please send them to: