Teachers of Mormon Seekers
Training Course

All three members of the TOMS Review Committee should get one copy each of "1891" and "TOMS".

Dear Friends,

If you wish to attract many Mormon Seekers to the Faith, I suggest you use the T.O.M.S. Method:

"T"each Mormons that Baha'u'llah is the "Holy Ghost Incarnate". Mormons still await the "Day" that the Holy Ghost will "come down to get a body" and perform some Holy Mission.

"O"ffer Mormons Seekers "1891" via newspaper advertisements, and when they come to a Public Information Meeting (P.I.M.), offer them a copy of "Call Out To Zion!" This is called the XRO Teaching Campaign: named after Xorol Richards Oliver, the first Mormon to become a Baha'i.

"M"emorize the "Mormon Seeker Dialogue". Each Community in a predominantly Mormon area should have at least one "Teacher of Mormon Seekers" who has read the plain English edition of The Book of Mormon as well as memorized the "Mormon Seeker Dialogue" which can be found at:

A Plain-English Language edition of "The Book of Mormon" can be ordered from:

The "blue-cover" edition (given out free by Mormon missionaries) is in King James English, and "very" difficult to read. Reading it has been described as "climbing Mount Everest without the help of air cannisters or warm clothing". So difficult, most Mormons have not read it! The Plain English Edition is much, much easier to read.

"S"tudy the book "Commonalities" by Serge Van Neck. This will help the Teacher of Mormon Seekers understand how Mormons think. The book can be ordered via Baha'i distributors.

Teachers of Mormon Seekers (TOMS) must be Baha'is who, like Shoghi Effendi, accept Joseph Smith as an inspired Seer who prophesied of Baha'u'llah in his capacity of a Seer. A "Seer" is the same as the term "Muhaddas" in Arabic; meaning a non-prophet who speaks with angels, such as Mary mother of Jesus (spoke to Gabriel), Zecharias (father of John the Baptist) who spoke to an angel in the Temple, and Shaykh Ahmad al-Ahsa'i, who spoke to Muhammad and the Imaams in visions.

Each Teacher of Mormon Seekers should receive a Certificate of Completion (available at stationary stores); signed by the Chair of the XRO Teaching Campaign.

Before an XRO Teaching Campaign can take place, there needs to be at least 2 Teachers of Mormon Seekers in a Community or Cluster willing to do the following:

*Read the Publications several times ("1891" and "Call Out!")

*Make copies of the Publications.

*Read the Plain-English Version of "The Book of Mormon"

*Read and study the book "Commonalities" by Serg Van Neck.

*Memorize the "Mormon Seeker Dialogue"

Once you have at least two TOMS, then you may start an XRO Teaching Campaign which consists of the following:

1) A dedicated telephone line with voice-mail.

2) An advertisement placed in the local newspaper at least 4 times over 4 weeks:

Free book offer: Joseph Smith's 1891 Prophecies FULFILLED! Call (801) 000-0000 for a free copy mailed to you. Nothing to buy. A gift from the Baha'is of ____________.
3) Hold a P.I.M. (Public Information Meeting) at least twice a month.

4) Mail a package to the Respondants with a copy of "1891" in it, along with other free Baha'i literature, and an invitation (and map) to the Public Information Meeting.

5) When a Respondant comes to a PIM they are a "Seeker" and are to be given a copy of "Call Out!"

That is an XRO Teaching Campaign.

It will work and work well. Please try it.

Thank you.

Aenon E. Moss

"Joseph Smith was a Seer, not a Prophet; neither major nor minor. He had a high standard, but the Baha'is have a higher standard coupled with God's power that comes direct from God for this age." (Shoghi Effendi, Pilgrim notes of Ramona Browne, in Memories of 'Abdu'l-Baha, p.117)