A small Class "C" university in Ridwan City to offer certificates in Baha'i Studies, hypnotherapy, and TESL (teaching English to speakers of Other Languages) for Baha'is who wish to teach English overseas as Pioneers and Travel Teachers.

11. Thorton Chase University

It is quite easy to establish a University in California. All you need is four mentors with advanced teaching degrees, and a building or office. It is quite easy. Thorton Chase University would start out very small, but it would grow. It would be in Ridwan City. It would offer certificates via the Internet to Believes and non-believers. It would also offer the Certificates in Bahá'í Studies and also be a place where young college-aged Believers can go to meet other young single high school and college-aged Bahá'ís for Summer Schools. Dances on Friday and Saturday nights. It would offer Summer Schools for young Bahá'ís in the U.S. and Canada, as well as Bahá'í Studies and several vocational or professonal disciplines. It will grow over time.