19 Suggestions for
of the Bahá'í Faith in America

To the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, to the Regional Councils, to the National Teaching Committees, the Continental Board of Counsellors, Auxilary Board Members, and to all the Friends who wish the Faith to grow and prosper in North America. Please print-out and read these 19 suggestions. No copyright. Please distribute to others!~Aenon E. Moss

1. Servant of Glory film/DVD
2. The Unitarian Agreement
3. The 19 Beliefs and the 95 Tenets
4. The Book for Seekers
5. Wards and Ward Servants
6. Bahá'í Evangelists
7. The Spirit of Truth Message
8. Bahá'í Burial Insurance Co-Op
9. Retirement Community (Ridwan City)
10. North American Bahá'í Pilgrimage Center
11. Thorton Chase University
12. Bahá'í Industries (soup kitchens/thrift stores)
13. 4-Step Year of Service
14. Missions and Missionaries
15. Teachers of Seekers
16. Bahá'í-Christians and Worship Centers
17. Friday Prayers.
18. Consecutive Incarnation and the New Age Movement
19. The Order of the Servants of Glory (O.S.G.)
20. Summary & Conclusion

The Metaphor Only View versus the Spiritual Body View of the Resurrection of Christ.

Click HERE to read a how the author believes that the Gospels accounts of the resurrection of Jesus Christ were historical and literal, but that Jesus did not appear in a physical body to His disciples after His death, but in His "Etheric Double" called the "Heavenly Body" or "Spiritual Body".

Did Joseph Smith Prophesy of Baha'u'llah?

Click HERE to read how the 1891 prophecies of the Seer Joseph Smith were FULFILLED in Baha'u'llah! 31 pages.

The Earth-is-Hell View

Click HERE to read how Baha'u'llah believed that our material/physical dimension was the meaning of Hell-fire in the Bible and Qu'ran.

THE MYSTERY OF GOD: Jesus and 'Abdu'l-Baha

'Abdu'l-Baha denied vehemently He was "Christ". But did He also deny He was "Jesus"? Jesus Christ was a combination of two Divine Beings in one body (the Spirit of Truth--Christ and the WORD of God--Jesus). Baha'u'llah identified Himself as the Spirit of Truth, and referred to His Eldest Son as "the Word". Click HERE to read how 'Abdu'l-Baha fulfills the Christian hope that "this same Jesus" (not another man but "this same Jesus") will return in a "cloud".

Adam and Eve "Found"?

Click HERE to read a personal interpretation of the Garden of Eden story; that Adam was the Pharoah Aye (Prophet of Aten) of ancient Egypt, that Eve was his wife Queen Khiyah, and that the "Garden of Eden" was really the "Garden of Aten"--built by Pharoah Ankenaten and Queen Nefertiti, along the east bank of the Nile in what is now Tel-Amarna.

The Curse of Canaan in the Light of the Baha'i Teachings

Click HERE! to read a long article (over 80 pages) that reviews the Curse of Canaan doctrine (i.e. that Noah cursed his grandson Canaan and his descendants to become the slaves of other bloodlines) in the light of the Baha'i Teachings.

NOTICE: None of these articles are copyrighted. Please print them out and make copies for others.

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