Baha'i Soup Kitchens, Thrift Stores, and Wellness Centers.

12. Bahá'í Industries

Bahá'í Industries would be a non-profit corportation directed by the NSABUS. It would include:

1) Bahá'í Soup Kitchens that feed the homeless in areas of cities where the homeless congregate. Food is from dontations by restaurants, etc. The staff are Youth Corps members and adult supervisors.

2) Bahá'í Thrift Stores. Clothing comes from donations either via individuals or companies.

3) Baha'i Wellness Centers. Places where people with addictions can go for FREE health counselling in diet, and FREE hypnotherapy sessions (no medical advice).

The name to use is "Bahá'í" and this is very important. It is important to get the name out there where people can see.

The staff of the soup kitches would be males on their Year of Service and the staff of the Thift Stores would be females on their Year of Service. The Staff at the Wellness Centers would be volunteers called "Servants" specially trained in nutrician counselling and hypnotherapy.


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