Providing Facilities for Communities Who Cannot Afford to Build, Buy, or Rent Baha'i Centers

2. The Unitarian Agreement

Problem: many communities, and just about all groups, have no "centers". Some wealthy communities have very large and expensive centers, but most communities have no permanant centers. Most smaller communities will not have centers any time in the forseeable future.

Solution: have communities whichout their own permanant centers "rent" meeting-hours at the local Unitarian churches. There is at least one Unitarian church in every metro-area in the U.S. with a population over 50,000. Many of these UU churches have kitchens, and most or all of them would be willing to rent out meeting times for the Friends every 19 days and on Saturdays for Devotionals. The Friends who wish to meet with the Unitarians on Sunday, could do so. The Unitarians would welcome them, and some Unitarians would become Seekers.

A committee from the NSA should meet with the UU Association leaders and discuss the possibility of Communities and Groups renting "meeting hours" at UU churches. A monthly price should be agreed upon, and Communities that use UU churches to meet in should be asked to contibute to those local UU churches (a monthly fee negotiated between the minister and and Baha'i Group or Community). Also, these UU churches provide Sunday schools for teens and children as well as nursuries for very young children that Bahá'í parents may wish to use. The result would be that some Unitarians would become Bahá'ís, and many Communities and Groups without centers would be able to meet in UU churches for Feasts and Devotionals, and also attend the UU church on Sunday if they wish for Sunday School. INDEX

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