1) The very best way to spread the Faith worldwide is via a film that will center on the life and teachings of 'Abdu'l-Baha, but also include the persecutions in Iran, the miracle at the martyrdom of The Bab, the miracles at Bahji (angels circummambulating the mansion), Titanic, etc. The film should be shown at at "Indie" film festivals so that many celebrities will become Baha'is, and so that millions of dollars of free advertising will be given by reviewers of the film in newspapers.

1) "If" you want Bible-Believing Christians in the Faith, you must train Baha'i Evangelists who adhere to the 5 Christian Principles (virgin-birn, literal miracles, atonement, ethereal resurrection, ascension into cloud), and you must allow Christians to enter the Faith as Baha'i-Christians with Worship Centers and Sunday Worship Services similar to how they worship Jesus now; with music, song, praise, etc.

2) If you want New Agers in the Faith, then Baha'is must accept the Shaykhi doctrines of "Return" and "Consecutive Incarnation". The Báb was the return of the "Perfections" (i.e. spirit) of the Imaam Mehdi, and Quddús was the "return" of his soul (individuality). Mollah Husayn Bushru'i was the "return" of the soul (not spirit) of the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophets and Chosen Ones (Moos-taw-feen) literally "return" in every Dispensation; literally, not just as some "metaphor". Human souls do not return to this material planet, but go on to another to experience "the second death".
Baha'i books are allowed NOW to be sold in New Age bookstores, and Baha'i Prospecting Advertisements are allowed NOW in New Age magazines and newspapers. But without the Shaykhi concepts of "Consecutive Incarnation" and "Return" (raja), 98% of New Agers will NOT be interested in the Faith.

3) There needs be "The Book for Seekers"; a low-cost mass-produced FREE book given to every Seeker which contains everything a Seeker needs to know about the Faith before declaring. Teachers of Seekers should be trained and appointed.

5) The "19 Beliefs" should replace "the 12 Principles" wherever "What Baha'is believe" is presented. The 12 Principles are not comprehensive enough, and will turn-off most Christians and New Agers. The Baha'i Faith is NOT "the 12 Principles", but is often equated as such.

6) Baha'i communities who cannot afford their own centers should hold their meetings at Unitarian churches if the UUs agree to this. They have good facilities and also Sunday schools for adults and children.

7) Baha'i Centers should not sit vacant (or nearly so) for 18 evenings out of every 19. Divide communities into Wards (19 Wards with 9 to 19 members), with Ward Servants. The Servants would consult with the Ward, and then with the LSA. They would be the "representatives" of the Ward to the LSA. A Center should be for an entire Cluster not just one community. Each Cluster should establish a "Mission" to coordinate local teaching campaigns, Baha'i industries, building projects, and missionaries.

8) The Prospecting Message should no longer center on "The Principles" (or specifically Race Unity/World Peace/Equality of the Genders) as today, but should center on Baha'u'llah as the promised Spirit of Truth.

9) Baha'i youth should not spend their Year of Service stuffing contribution envelopes for the NAACP, but be actively engaged in real humanitarian service in Baha'i Industries, or teaching the Faith in missions as missionaries. A Year-of-Service should be broken into four consecutive area (missions/soup kitchens/thrift store/Ridwan City). A Youth should not have to spend 12 months in any "one" area, but should serve in all four. A 4-Step Year of Service is recommended to be completed in four Summers for those who are college or university.

10) Baha'u'llah did not "forbid" (HARAM) congregational prayer! He simply abrogated (RUFI'A) the "command" (FARD) to perform it! Any command that is abrogated becomes "recommended" (MUSTAHABB), but not obligatory. 'Abdu'l-Baha performed the Salat every Friday until His death. Let's follow His example: not an an mandatory practice, but as a recommended practice.

11) The Friends need a North American Pilgrimage Center, low-cost co-operative burial insurance, a retirement community, a cemetary, a "university", a hospice, a hostel, an assisted-living center, a "city" where all these elements are located together, and an Order for those who want to serve the Faith on a full-time permanent basis.


1. Servant of Glory film/DVD
2. The Unitarian Agreement
3. The 19 Beliefs and the 95 Tenets
4. The Book for Seekers
5. Wards and Ward Servants
6. Bahá'í Evangelists
7. The Spirit of Truth Message
8. Bahá'í Burial Insurance Co-Op
9. Ridwan City
10. N.A.B.P.C.
11. Thorton Chase University
12. Bahá'í Industries (soup kitchens/thrift stores)
13. 4-Step Year of Service
14. Missions and Missionaries
15. Teachers of Seekers
16. Bahá'í-Christians and Worship Centers
17. Salat (Friday evenings and Sat. afternoons)
18. Consecutive Incarnation and the New Age Movement
19. The O.S.G.

These 19 suggestions are in no particular order of importance except for #1 (Servant of Glory film/DVD). If all or most of these suggestions are taken, then the Faith will be quickened in this country, and there will be entry-by-troops. The one who says "How dare he tell us what to do?" or "Who is this man to tell us what to do?" is the ego (i.e. satan). Anyone can claim these ideas as their own! Meditate on these things before you decide. This article is not copyrighted. Please make copies and give them to other Believers. Thank you.

I have written this anonymously because, if I give my name, some of the Friends will say, "Ah! He seeketh a following!" That is the last thing I am seeking.

Thank you. Go in peace!

Aenon E. Moss