TO: The the Local Spiritual Assembly of Logan, Utah

9 copies enclosed.

SUBJECT: How to Successfully Attract Mormon Seekers to the Baha'i Faith

Dear Friends,

Does your Community wish to attact multitudes of Mormon Seekers each year to the Baha'i Faith? If your answer is "yes" then please keep reading.

Mormons will NEVER be attracted to the Faith via the "Race Unity" or "World Peace" or "Equality of the Genders" method (the only methods used by the Friends to attract Seekers in North America). The reasons are outlined in an article I wrote titled "How to Attract Mormon Seekers to the Faith". It is 8 pages online. There is no copyright. You can read it at:

You can ask someone to print out one copy and make 9 copies for the entire LSA. That would be easiest.


I have authored an Internet article meant to attract Mormon Seekers to the Faith titled 1891: Did Joseph Smith Prophesy of Baha'u'llah, the Holy Ghost Incarnate and Founder of the Baha'i Faith? It is called "1891" for short. It is 34 printed pages. Only about 1 in 10,000 Mormons will be interested in driving to a Baha'i Center in order to hear a lecture, or talk about, World Peace, or Race Unity, or the Equality of Men and Women. About one in 50,000 Mormons will be interested in driving to a Baha'i Center to talk about Esperanto. However 1 in 20 Mormons will be interested in reading "1891" if they only "hear" about it. I can assure you! You can read "1891" for yourselves online at:

The article is not copyrighted. Your Community is welcome to print it out and make copies for the entire LSA, or for anyone in the Community who wants a copy.


Also online is an article I wrote titled THE QUICKENING: 19 Suggestions for the Baha'i Faith in America. It is divided into 20 brief sections online:

1. Servant of Glory film/DVD
2. The Unitarian Agreement
3. The 19 Beliefs and the 95 Tenets
4. The Book for Seekers
5. Wards and Ward Servants
6. Bahá'í Evangelists
7. The Spirit of Truth Message
8. Bahá'í Burial Insurance Co-Op
9. Retirement Community (Ridwan City)
10. North American Bahá'í Pilgrimage Center
11. Thorton Chase University
12. Bahá'í Industries (soup kitchens/thrift stores)
13. 4-Step Year of Service
14. Missions and Missionaries
15. Teachers of Seekers
16. Bahá'í-Christians and Worship Centers
17. Friday Prayers.
18. Consecutive Incarnation and the New Age Movement
19. The Order of the Servants of Glory (O.S.G.)
20. Summary & Conclusion

You can find THE QUICKENING at:

Internet articles do not go through the Baha'i Review process, and do not need institutional approval before you read them. I think you'll find that "The Quickening" may have some useful ideas. Enjoy your reading.

"Aenon E. Moss"

"Joseph smith was a seer, not a Prophet of God, neither major nor minor Prophet. He had a high standard... but the Bahá'ís have a higher standard coupled with God's power that comes direct from God. for this age." (Shoghi Effendi, pilgrim's note of Ramona Browne quoted in Memories of 'Abdu'l-Baha, p.117)